Small Things: 30 Days Wild

Fairly regularly on this blog, I write ‘Small Things’ posts, which are lists of the sweet and simple things I’m thankful for. It’s my way of making sure I don’t miss the best bits of life. When I sit down to compile a Small Things post, that’s my time to take stock and notice that whatever challenges the week has thrown at me, there is always plenty of magic in amongst it all.

This week, along with a lot of other people, I began ‘30 Days Wild‘, a great initiative by the Wildlife Trusts to encourage people to connect with nature more. Every day in June, we’ll be committing to do something ‘wild’ and many of us will be blogging about it. It’s not too late to join in either, wherever you live and whatever your life looks like.

So this week, my Small Things are all Wild Things too! Here they are…

*Driving with the windows open. Isn’t that just the essence of summer? For me, good old fashioned fresh air beats air conditioning every time.

*Listening to birdsong. They are positively raucous in my garden at the moment! I think I’m going to make it one of my 30 Days Wild aims to learn to distinguish a bird by its song.

*Sun-bathing. OK, so it’s clouded over a little bit now, but at the beginning of the week I felt like I was abroad. There’s nothing like summer warmth on your face.

*Swimming in the sea. I had forgotten just how cold it is when you first get in, but once I’d got my shoulders under I was away!

*Eating outside: picnics, BBQ’s, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

*Having the first of this year’s homegrown produce: lettuce for salads and rhubarb for crumble.

What are your Small Things this week? Are you taking part in 30 Days Wild? Why not join in?





P.S. At some point, I will borrow some proper bird photography from my talented brother!


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