Find me where the wild things are

‘Find me where the wild things are’, sings Alessia Cara, rejecting a culture of image-obsession and social pressure. She is perhaps referencing the 60’s book in which a child goes off on a gleeful adventure ‘Where the Wild Things Are‘. In any case, this idea of wildness is infectious, borrowing from the natural world a sense of freedom from cultural expectations, the power to be yourself among your ‘pack’ and the ability to go where the mood takes you.

Writing for this blog often finds me delving into the deep simplicity of being outdoors, whether that happens to be getting my fix of sea air, watching a thunderstorm, or walking the dog. Nature finds its way into my indoor life, too. Fir branches inhabit my mantelpiece at Christmas time, flowers from friends arrive on my doorstep when I’m sick, sand tumbles out of my shoes. Sunlight wakes me on summer mornings, and stars sparkle through the gap in the curtains on clear nights.

It’s these ‘wild’ moments that slow time and swell peace, that draw me in like a child. They’re delicious. A day spent among the wild things is a rich one, which is why I’m excited to be taking part in the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild campaign this June.

As I look ahead to a month of immersing myself in the wild, I’m thinking of outdoor swimming, the feel of sand and grass under bare feet and outdoor gatherings of all the best people. I’m thinking of lying on the hammock, on sand, on grass. I’m thinking of staying out in the rain, blowing bubbles with children, a cold glass of wine at sunset. I’m thinking of running, walking, maybe climbing. I’m thinking of making fires and daisy chains and dreams.

Why not start planning some wild things you could do this June?

And in the meantime, enjoy some summer music from the Simple Things magazine, read about Rosie’s summer gathering or take a bank holiday trip to the coast.





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