The Unseen Things

Those of you who read the Simple Things magazine will know that on the first page, it offers a little summary describing what ‘the simple things’ might be that month… this month included champagne and choux buns and love letters šŸ™‚

I hope they won’t mind me showing this little snap of it, and I recommend that you buy it for a refreshingly simple take on modern life with a good variety of articles and some beautiful pictures.

simple things

I happened to be reading the magazine whilst on retreat, and it gave me an idea for a bit of reflective writing on the theme of our trip, ‘Seeing the Unseen’.

So, here is my little take on ‘The Unseen Things’…

The Unseen Things won’t let you down. They’ll always be there. You see, they’re eternally yours: not concerned just with the good old days, or just with the wistful hopes of days to come. Neither are they limited to the here and now. They just are. They’ll be there to surprise you, but are completely reliable. When you need truth, they are there. They will both build you up and draw your gaze outwards. They are there the day you have your first child, the day you lose your job, the day grief knocks you sideways. They are there in the days you drink tea and chat, the days of success and failure, in those times when you sit and watch the news and a tear escapes and travels down your cheek. The days of argument and haste, the days of laughter and fun, the days of boredom and sadness. The Unseen Things will always prevail: faith, hope, and love, as sure as the sunrise. Fall for what’s right infront of you. Fall for the Unseen Things.

douai 5


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