On Retreat: Small Things

For the last day and a bit, I have been on a retreat with other children’s and youth workers at Douai Abbey. It has been such a helpful, peaceful and affirming time, so I thought for this week’s ‘Small Things’ I would write you a list of the little things I love about being on retreat:

  • In conversations, there is no sense of competition, just interest and affirmation
  • People ask questions about each other
  • People listen to answers
  • People are slow to judge and quick to encourage
  • There is honesty and openness
  • Snow drops, lambs, streams, wellies, fresh air and walking
  • A slower pace
  • A bigger perspective
  • A history and heritage of peace, quiet and worship
  • Sleep and rest
  • Reading
  • Journalling
  • Being yourself
  • Knowing God’s Presence
  • Re-focusing and reminding
  • Hopefulness

If you can book a retreat this year, I really recommend it! Good places to go include Douai Abbey, Kintbury, and Lee Abbey, all of which are situated in beautiful countryside and encourage peace, reflection and creativity.

You may not feel able to go to a retreat centre, but perhaps you can take some quiet afternoons to go somewhere restful and welcoming or to be around people who accept and love you.

douai 1

douai 3

douai 8

douai 5

douai 4

douai 2


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