Small Things and an Inspiration Board

Tonight, my heart feels a little heavy – perhaps there is a deep and meaningful reason for that, or perhaps I am just a little tired after a busy week. In any case, there are always spirit-lifters in any day and any week, so here are a few small things that have made me glad recently…

  • New shoes from Fatface, which are sooo comfortable and are pictured below on my Inspiration Board. They are perfect for the Spring weather which is starting to creep up on us πŸ™‚
  • Spring – sunshine, breezes, clouds moving across the sky making the light ‘dance’, daffodils and snowdrops and lambs…
  • Being in the big Abbey Church at Douai, which reminds me I’m small in a big, beautiful world. The light coming through the windows is beautiful and a bit symbolic, and the sound when the Monks sing is perfectly echoey and resonant.
  • Reading people’s honesty and passion, and being inspired that hope is found in some of the hardest places. These posts at Niishantishu and Daddy’s Tractor are particularly powerful.
  • Walking Jamie without being rained on, and wanting to be outside as much as possible. Coming home with flushed cheeks and an energised soul.
  • Going to my sister’s first Liberate exercise class – so much fun, and I’d forgotten how good exercise is for your mood.
  • Dreaming of a trip to Paris to see the Seine and enjoy the food, art and architecture πŸ™‚

You may have seen my previous post about Inspiration Boards a week or two ago – this week, many of my ‘Small Things’ listed above feature on the board, so I have included it in the same post…

What’s inspiring you this week?






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