In the air

It’s in the air now: the scent, the coolness, the hint of change. I’ve hung the two little wooden birds Andrew bought me at either side of the fire place, and on the to do list are jobs like stew apples, call chimney sweep and buy oil. There are blackberries in the hedges and last night the harvest moon was a huge bright orb in the fresh darkness of the garden. New boots have been bought. Evenings are darkening swiftly. This afternoon as I walked the lanes, the September sun was warm enough, but there was a delicious rustling in the trees. The house being without heating until I get around to ordering that oil for the Rayburn, I’ve needed an extra layer this evening. As I trundled around the supermarket this morning, the Chai tea caught my eye and as I sit in the lounge, curtains left open to the now dark sky, the steaming cup is warming my hands, the spiced steam marking a new season. The anticipation of warm jumpers, roaring fires, crisp, frosty mornings and, dare I say it, Christmas lights, is thrilling.

Autumn is in the air. Can you feel it?

If it’s as wonderful to you as it is to me, why not check out my Autumn Pinterest board, or make one of your own? Or maybe get yourself some Chai tea for these cooler nights? I recommend Drink Me Chai, but if anyone can find me a Fair Trade version, I would love to hear it 🙂 Of course, whatever your hot drink of choice, at this time of year, it’s even better taken outside as you watch the sun go down with a good jumper and a fire.

This season’s a time to savour the beauty of change, to mourn the things that are passing and to look ahead to the things being re-imagined. It’s a time of plenty, of slowing down, of connecting with nature.

Happy Autumn 🙂




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