Small Things

Ah, the small things. Where would we all be without them?

Here are some of the small things giving big lifts to my heart at the moment:

*Elizabeth Goudge novels. There’s nothing pretentious about them; the stories are really quite simple, but the settings are perfect in their wildness and the plots draw you in deep.

*RoseHill Designs: Heather Stillufsen’s beautiful, positive illustrations. They are currently filling up my Pinterest boards.

*Sunflowers – the essence of late summer.

*Making an Autumn board on Pinterest – I love this season 🙂 It is definitely a time of change for me at the moment so the hints of turn about the leaves and the autumnal winds feel so right.

*Salt air, chips, and swims in the sea.

*Meeting my friend’s newborn.

*Nectarines – the sweetness of summer and the colours of Autumn.

*Yoga with Adrienne – I’m finding this really important for my body and mind at the moment.

*Being together with my church group again. Praying for each other is so empowering.

*This quote from Mother Teresa:






Happy September everyone 🙂

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