30 Days Wild, 1 Day On


The end of June brings the end of ’30 Days Wild’, but of course the wild goes on with or without us. In fact, after recent political events it is something of a comfort that in spite of our human exploits, the wild still prevails. In the context of my own life as well, it gives me hope to watch the myriad of species that continue to grow and flourish in spite of all kinds of circumstances.

My relationship with the wild definitely does not end here. There is still so much to see and do and plenty of small wonders that nature continues to surprise me with daily. Just today at the school where I work, we found Glistening Inkcaps – a type of mushroom that could well be imagined to be the homes of magical fairies. Yesterday I stopped the car to watch a Bullfinch bounce by, its bright orange chest looking cheery and almost tropical amid the rain-drenched hedges.

I bought a Jasmine plant recently, my own symbol of hope in what has been a fairly dark season of my life. Since we bought it I’ve been watching it religiously, almost desperately, longing for its small white flowers to appear. First I saw pink buds beginning to form, more and more each day, and then last night I got home and they were there in the dark, the first scented stars catching my torchlight.

All the best parties are outside and we hope to have a few more before the summer’s out. And I want to camp one night, to eat at the beach and watch the sunset, and to go and explore new places.

But whether I plan ‘wild’ things to do or not, the great outdoors will always be a hugely enriching part of my life.



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