10 Happy Things

This week, I’m defying my urge to write a rant about the EU referendum and its result. Instead, here’s a list of 10 Happy Things brightening up my week:

  1. Making a Nature Journal, as inspired by Emma Caton. I am constantly in wonder at the natural world, and putting some of that wonder into a collection is so calming and precious. I mean, just look at those dragonfly wings! And the blue of that Jay feather! For help with identification, I used this page on the Discover Wildlife website and this page on the British Dragonfly Society’s site.

nature journal

2. Reading this poem, as recommended by Hannah Fytche. It definitely captures some of the sacredness of moments in nature.

3. We hired a hot tub from www.hotubz.co.uk for my friend’s birthday. A great place from which to watch clouds, sunsets, rain, swallows and bats, to listen to the birds or to spend hours joking and talking with friends!



4. Parties with all our favourite people.

5. Watching Painted Lady butterflies that have travelled 800 miles to be here and finding this Elephant Hawkmoth, which was stunning! I identified it using this website.


6. This song by Justin Timberlake. (And don’t you love the infectious joy of the video?! We all need some of that!)

7. New magazine arrived on my doorstep 🙂 Simple Things July issue!

8. Cider – I love Stowford Press and Weston’s Vintage at the moment.

9. Fresh Mint Tea – So refreshing and calming and great just before bed.

10. Glastonbury Footage. Colour, big skies, and great music – what’s not to love?!  Especially the beautiful Adele!

Finally, I can’t resist doing a customary Ann Voskamp quote (or two, or three)! You know I love her and all she stands for 🙂 I’ve been using her One Thousand Gifts Devotional and here are some of the captivating things she says in it:

‘Life could be like that – giving way to the celebration of fully living’.

‘I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder’. (Quoting Chesterton)

‘The world needs fewer complaints and more thanks’.

‘And is this the art of life – to keep alive to the wonders in his Word and this world?’

What’s making you happy this week?

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