All you need is Love…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I don’t hold much value in the consumerist version of Valentine’s Day, but I do love an opportunity to celebrate, whatever the reason. At its best, Valentine’s Day can be a time to celebrate love in all its guises, the gift of family and friends and the uniqueness of each person. At its worst, it can leave people feeling alone and devalued. I pray that for everyone I know, in all their situations, it’s the former.

Is there a simple way you can show someone you know that they’re appreciated this weekend?

Whatever our relationship status, we all have daily opportunities to live lives of love. There are so many people around the world who need to receive love and kindness, and so many ways now to offer it to them.

Whilst little is known for sure about the historical man that became Saint Valentine, something all the stories have in common is that he never gave up standing up for the God and the people that he loved. Why not shift the focus of Valentine’s Day away from the need for a significant other, back to the importance of having a life full of love? Love for your friends and family, for the other people in this complicated world, for yourself, for life and maybe even for God.

If you want to read about romantic love, Ann Voskamp wrote a great blog post about keeping a spark in your relationship, and here are some snippets from the love letters of a few famous people.

Have a great weekend! xxx

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