Non-alcoholic Cocktails

Lately I’ve been going alcohol free, so I’ve been experimenting with non-alcoholic cocktails to add a bit of sparkle and colour to my January and February.

Herb Garden Seltzer

If Gin and Tonic is normally your thing, you may enjoy this simple, elegant ‘Seltzer’, which I discovered here. I made mine by placing ice cubes in a tall glass, adding a sprig of rosemary, chopped cucumber and some mint and basil leaves, then pouring over plenty of tonic water.


Tea on the Green

This has a Pimms-like quality about it. I made mine in a glass but you could easily make a pitcher of it. Add 1 part Peach Iced Tea to 2 parts Tonic Water, with plenty of strawberries, cucumber (sliced in half rounds), slices of lemon and fresh mint leaves.

Fruit Sunrise

If you’re a fan of Sex on the Beach or Tequila Sunrise, you’ll like this fun, summery Mocktail. You can play around with fruit juices you like for this one. I like grapefruit and orange juice, with a little cranberry juice to add to the pinky sunrise colour and a dash of grenadine. Serve with lemon slices and umbrellas, of course! I find a couple cubes of ice at the bottom of the glass definitely don’t go amiss.




This is my favourite! There are a few ways I make it, the simplest being to add lemonade to peach squash or cordial and top with a generous helping of raspberries and a basil leaf or two. The raspberries taste delicious at the end, so it almost feels like a dessert! You can also make it with a dash of orange juice instead of the peach squash, or simply use lemonade on its own with the raspberries and basil.


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