Small Things


There have been a lot of big changes and big emotions in my life over the past few weeks. Many have been good, but the sheer intensity of it all does leave me a little overwhelmed. This has made me especially grateful for the simple, day-to-day small things. Here’s a little list of some of them to ease me back into blogging, and hopefully to give you a little light reading…

*Being in the sea

*Hot sand on feet

*Ripe avocados, crunchy radishes, chives in the window sill, good cups of coffee and olives filled with sun-dried tomatoes…

*The sound of a fountain

*Watching a seagull perched on a rooftop

*Summer evening walks

*Sunlight on a corn field

*Jamie’s welcome when we get home

*Hearing people singing

*Friendship πŸ™‚

And if that’s not a summery list, I don’t know what is!

Look out for more posts in the next few weeks, including summer reading recommendations and reviews, exciting new business news, a little travel post on Lundy Island and lots more πŸ™‚


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