5 Things to Do in Summer…


I’ve said this before, but I just love working in seasons. Still influenced by school terms, I love the new year-ish focus the Autumn brings, the festive, cosy side of Winter and the fresh, hopeful feel of Springtime, when anything seems possible! And then, of course, there is Summer.

My friend Karina and I have been enjoying a lovely couple of weeks off at my home in Devon, which has been a true summer holiday experience! Even if you’re not lucky enough to have time off work, summer’s long evenings and hazy weekends offer the perfect opportunity to relax, explore and see friends…

Here’s my little guide to making the most of Summer 🙂

1. Try cooking new recipes with fresh ingredients and a mediterranean feel. And eat them outside, of course.

Karina, who blogs at The Foodies Way, created these beautiful fig starters and prawn skewers, inspired by Gino’s Italian Escape recipe book, which we thoroughly recommend! She also brought along some of the best sparkling wine I’ve had, from English Oak Vineyard.

Figs + Prawn Skewers-2

Figs + Prawn Skewers-3(Photos taken by Karina)

2. Climb a hill and watch the sunset.

We went up Codden Hill, near my house, sat on the hillside in the long grass and looked out towards the sea.



3. Get to the beach!

Take in the sea air, make footprints in the sand, swim and surf and return home thoroughly refreshed. We spent a couple of days over at Woolacombe, where the sea is warm and the waves are often high. Bar Electric served us a fantastic glass of Pimms and delicious pizza.


Woolacombe, taken earlier this year

4. Take evening walks.

Wherever you are, a summer evening will bring you fresh, balmy air, beautiful light and a happy atmosphere. We’ve been peering over gates into cornfields and nosing into English gardens, but I remember loving city areas just as much, with everyone out and about in beer gardens and bars, at BBQ’s and in parks.


5. Make plans.

Summer is the perfect season for planning and dreaming! Karina has been making plans for decorating her flat, and I have been bringing together my ideas for my new business, Hand and Heart. Both of us are so excited and have so enjoyed the creativity of pulling together ideas, collecting driftwood and other useful bits and pieces and looking for inspiration.


What do you love about Summer?

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