There for the taking


The other night I had a very clear dream, in which I held a new baby. It made waking up a very painful experience – and living another day without the child I dream of rather sad. It was one of those days when songs on the radio seemed to echo my thoughts and my heart just weighed a little heavy.

The day was tinged with sadness – but it also included:
*Driving with my sister and her boyfriend
*Sharing her excitement about her holiday
*Playing with my dog
*Reading about the hope of prayer
*Lunch with family
*Catching up with one of my best friends
*Running a youth cafe, and talking to girls I’ve known since they were just beginning primary school as they look ahead to secondary school
*Watching a film with some of the teenagers. It’s subheading was ‘It’s not a dead end if it takes you somewhere you need to go’.
*Dinner with friends.

We will often live with a little sadness, and sometimes with a lot of sadness, but when we can count the blessings alongside it we can find that each day is full of life – there for the taking. There for the living.


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