This week…


This week started with a beautiful weekend 🙂

We travelled down to North Devon and stayed in what is going to be our new house in two weeks today! It felt really good to start putting some of our things in cupboards, to eat there with Andrew’s parents, and to wake up there! I spent ages on Saturday morning taking photos, trying to capture the house martins that are nesting in the cartney and snapping the beautiful morning view. On Sunday we walked up the lane to my in laws’ place and saw all the nieces and nephews, and one of my best friends popped over for a catch up. It felt so much like home!

The reason we were in Devon was a great one: my friend Rosanne got married on Saturday 🙂 It was a beautiful wedding, and so laid back. We parked up on the North Devon coast path and were greeted by the stunning view shown below, then we walked down to the quaintest church there ever was, and the reception was at the Grampus Inn in Lee Bay, which does great cider and is only a stone’s throw away from the beach. I won’t share any photos of the lovely couple, as I’m sure they will want to put up their official ones soon, but there are a few below of the scenery!

This week also feels extremely close to finishing my job here and moving away, so I’ve been trying to tie up a lot of loose ends, see friends and pack up! I think my posts are likely to be a little erratic over the next month or so – but you can see a guest post I did over at Nishaantishu, which went up today! I was so excited to write for Freya, as her blog is one of the ones that has really inspired me since I started shareperspective.















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