A Little Magic

On Sunday a magician friend visited our youth group and amazed us all by making my ring disappear, fly around the room and reappear in his pocket attached to a keyring. He also managed to demonstrate invisible ‘trapdoors’ in the floor by making corks ‘travel’ through them, and turned the patterns on playing cards from Kings to holographics to bicycles… The teenagers, who began the session with aloof skeptism, shifted their chairs ever closer and left with massive smiles and squeals of ‘how did he do that?!’

Today we watched Troy. If you haven’t seen it, you HAVE to watch it. The guy is amazing! He did all kinds of tricks – pouring a drink using only a menu, making goldfish appear in a watercooler, raining money from the sky… His aim in life is to make people happy, and the extraordinary experiences he conjures up out of ordinary situations and objects really do bring smiles to peoples faces.

It makes me think about creating joy in the mundane, and how we do that… We all have the capacity to make a moment special, whether it’s my Grandma making waterlillies out of napkins, Andrew creating heart shaped fried eggs for breakfast, or my brother making up a funny song about all his friends.

What can you do this week to make someone’s day?



How beautiful is this installation in a cathedral in San Francisco? I found the image via A Cup of Jo.


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