Small Things

A small thing called Christmas has slightly obscured this week’s ‘small things’, but here they are anyway! (In case you haven’t read my small things posts before, they are weekly lists of the little happy-making happenings in my day-to-day life. Hope you enjoy them 🙂 )

*Celebrating a friend’s birthday


*Seeing my Grandma, brother and sister, and walking Jamie around the lovely Box Hill area we’ve been visiting since we were little.


*Being nosy in my Grandma’s bookshelves, making a list of titles I want to read, borrowing a book, and finding, among others, this childhood photo of myself with my brother 🙂


*Thai food, and lots of it! Thai Terrace in Guildford at the weekend, Blue Orchid in Amersham-on-the-Hill mid week. Thai Terrace is lively with great cocktails and a gorgeous summertime terrace with views across Guildford, whilst Blue Orchid is a relaxing escape with impeccable food and friendly service.


*Seeing the youth group play come together, and how excited they are for the performance (Christmas Eve, 4pm, btw for any local readers).

*Seeing one of my sister’s dance solos that I hadn’t seen before.

*Having some train time to finish Northanger Abbey. Read my review (short and sweet, like the book itself) here.

*Wrapping up these Luke gospels for the children at my church. I like the idea that when all the other presents have been opened and enjoyed, as the excitement starts to wind down, these little gifts might be discovered at the bottom of the pile under the tree for an end-of-the-day, lasting reminder of the first Christmas… Sweet 🙂