This week’s ‘Small Things’

This week’s ‘Small Things’ post comprises a thank you list…

Thank you for…

*Cocktails in a Teapot*

Meeting for cocktails on a Monday night is a very civilised, relaxing affair. A relatively uncrowded bar; a friendly, unburdened ‘moment’ before the demands of the week. We started our Monday evening at All Bar One in Leicester Square, where we could glance out of the window at the festive crowds, the Christmas lights and the feris wheel. I was there with Andrew, my sister and her boyfriend, and my brother, so it was all honest, good-humoured conversation and catching up. We made some excellent choices, starting with an elderflowery, lemony concoction which, to the delight of my sister and I, came in a teapot!



*Chinatown Feast*

We continued our evening in Chinatown, where we all agreed we had the best chinese we’d EVER had in the Royal Dragon. It was a feast, and everything tasted delicious but also felt healthy and fresh. Again, being a Monday, it was busy but not packed so we were able to enjoy the meal in a very easygoing unrushed way, chatting and laughing and taking our time over the courses.

*A Catch-up Day*

It was so good to stop mid-week, get the house organised and slow down a little. My brain really needed a rest so it felt good to take some time to cook breakfast, tidy up, and even bring the Christmas tree into the house. As I said earlier in the week, I am not a fan of overdoing Christmas (I know, I’m a bit of a scrooge) so a simple pine tree with fir cones and fake snow felt lovely and natural, especially when combined with a roaring fire and a hot chocolate!





*Helping Hands*

I’ve had some great helpers in the last few weeks, over the busy season, and it has made such a difference to my work.

*Jamie’s new coat*

I found out today that one of Jamie’s dog friends is actually our neighbour, and her owner gave us a coat she didn’t need which fits him beautifully. We were even able to do a swap with one that was too big for Jamie. Love it when community actually works!


*A post on knowing our limits*

Click here to read it.

*Children’s flexibility and the Feeding of the 5000 story*

The children in one of my clubs showed such flexibility when I ran out of craft materials and had to improvise, and I think God had my back when I discovered there were enough paper plates to turn into back-up Christmas angels!


It’s always sad to lose people we are close to and this year our family lost Rose, my husband’s grandmother, a warm-hearted, prayerful lady who is deeply missed. We also recently lost his two family dogs, Polo and Fly… The end of their lives leaves a strange gap, and yet how fortunate we are to have known them, and how precious those lives were, particularly that of Rose.

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