Small Things

I realised this week that I’ve inadvertently* copied someone with my Small Things lists of verbs. Turns out Tania at Joy Felicity Jane has been doing the verb lists for ages! But as her blog is so lovely, and Freya and Rosie at my two favourite blogs have also done verb lists recently, I figure it must be a good idea!

So, here are some small things that have brought a little cheer to this busy, wintery week 🙂

-I’ve been eating: Mango on Rivita with a sprinkling of spring onion. Sounds really wierd but tastes gooood! And dark chocolate Bounty, which is obviously a very good diet food. Obviously.

-I’ve been listening to: My violin CD, hearing what I should sound like. Hopefully something is going in subliminally! Also I just discovered Johnny Flynn. Wasn’t sure what I thought at first but it’s definitely grown on me.

-I’ve been watching: Castle, Season 5. The season where they’re together! I’m more than a little addicted to this show.

-I’ve been visiting: Chalfont St Giles. We had a beautiful, if chilly walk to the little village and popped into the Merlin’s Cave pub for a sandwich, which was served with the best chips ever! I am slightly embarrassed that every week I seem to visit another pub, but look out for a couple more ‘cultural’ destinations in the next few months!

-I’ve been dreaming of: Trips abroad, being in Devon, beaches, having children, and getting another dog.

Another thing that really made me happy this week was Google’s Dr Who game!! If you haven’t seen it, try it NOW!! (Just go to Google)




A wintery field and a donkey on our walk to Chalfont St Giles 🙂

What are your small things this week?

*Is it just me, or is that a really fun word to say?!

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