Things I found in my desk…

*LOTS of hair clips and hair bands, lip glosses and lipsticks

*Various broken/run out/no-lidded pens

*A selection of prayers written by members of my school club (7-8 year olds) and youth group (11-14 year olds). So honest and sweet, and sometimes a little heart-wrenching.

*Various postcards, including this one, which is my personal favourite:


*Photos 🙂


*This prayer card:


*A collection of letters and cards, including various ‘important’ items that should have been responded to a little while ago…

*Two children’s books

*Laminated pictures of superheroes

*Addresses, contact cards etc.

*Two plectrums


*Half a pack of Love Hearts




Just a random post that gives a little insight into the bits and pieces that pile up on my desk over the course of several work weeks 🙂

What gathers on your desk?

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