Life Lately


There are times in life when things that you barely knew were beginning suddenly come together. The past month or so has been like that for me, as I have tentatively launched a little business alongside my work as a teacher.

Now that I have made that first step of having a play with my ideas, I have realised how passionate I am about this stuff, how much I want to learn and grow with it. It has enabled me to use my creativity and inspires me to try to make a difference. It’s refreshing.

I’ve been referring to it affectionately as ‘my little side project’ and have really enjoyed the opportunities it has already given me to work with a variety of children and young people on a small scale.

It’s called Feel Good Education, and as it grows I’m aiming to support fostered, special guardianship and adopted children with their learning. Children with negative early experiences face so many challenges in accessing school and education, so Feel Good is about helping them feel positive about learning and grow in self confidence and growth mindset. Over time, it will involve tutoring, resource packs, clubs, Thrive sessions and more.

So far, it’s small and simple and very much a work in progress. I’m looking for lots of feedback to tweak it and make it all that it can be. If you’re someone who might have an interest in it, either as an adopter, foster carer or professional, I would love for you to take a look at the website and let me know (honestly) what you think. I’ve already had some really helpful comments and suggestions from a variety of people, so if you are one of those, thank you so much for taking the time to have a look and respond. I really appreciate it!

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