A Prayer for our Son

March was such a strange month with Lockdown starting that I hardly noticed that April had begun, and missed my opportunity to post a March prayer. March is our son’s birth month, so here is a belated prayer for him.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this beautiful, funny, resilient boy who has been through so much yet still brightens up so many lives. Thank you that you remembered him and you bless him all the time, surrounding him with love, affection and understanding from so many of our friends and family.

Lord, these are strange, uncertain times but I pray that you help him build his house strong, on ‘rock’, the strong foundation of a relationship with You.

I pray for protection, for joy in the little things, for peace and security in his heart.

I pray that in all the challenges he faces, big and small, he’d find you his helper.

Thank you for his love of the outdoors, of music and of stories about you. May these loves and gifts serve him well as he grows up.

I pray that he’d grow up to treat others with respect and compassion. I pray for freedom. I pray for strength and integrity and a love of life.
Lord I thank you that his life and heart are in your hands.


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