Small Things


Now seems like the perfect time to compose a Small Things post.

There has been a lot of worry and fear and strain lately, which is all the more reason to count the sweet, simple things that bring us joy and remind us that this world is abundant with goodness, hope and love.

Here are some of the small things I’m celebrating today:

  • Spring sounds: Birdsong, the lawnmower, children laughing and a breeze through the open door.
  • Daisies and flowers, grass that is suddenly SO green, leaves and buds on the trees and rainbow tinted bubbles whooshing into a blue sky.
  • Baking with children: rainbow sprinkles all over the floor, sticky faces and well licked spoons.
  • Sunlight everywhere: in window shaped squares over the dining table, shafts on the floor where the dog likes to sit, shining in the children’s eyes and warming the garden outside.
  • The first butterflies and bees making their appearance just at the moment when the world has the time and the necessity to notice them.
  • Church, friends and family online: Even though we can’t meet in person, being together online is so encouraging.
  • Linguine (a substitute for the penne we normally order), with ribbons of courgette, fresh basil leaves, peas, pesto, lemon juice and handfuls of rocket (another substitute). The perfect Spring lunch.

What small things are brightening your days right now?


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