Things to do in February

February’s a funny little month, isn’t it? It feels, to me, short, sweet and fun.  Snowdrops appear; the mornings are lighter; there is a chance of snow; whimsical heart-shaped balloons appear in the shops and everything just a feels a little bit charming.

Both Andrew’s and my birthdays fall in February and over the years we’ve used this as an excuse for all kinds of fun: trips to Rome and Venice or within the UK, parties and gatherings, special gifts and meals. I’m a big believer in learning the art of celebration. This year, our week promises to be perhaps quieter and less eventful than in previous years, as there are the inevitable chores that need to be done and, frankly, we need a rest! Nevertheless, it has a charm of its own. Friday was a long day and as I dragged myself around the supermarket after work, I felt weary. Half the shop was filled with the glaring red of Valentine’s Day promotions and as I pushed the trolley along, I was distracted by the lure of cheap DVD’s, on offer for the big day. They had one of my favourite 90’s classics, 10 Things I Hate about You. Into the trolley it went and my week off started with a great evening of pizza and nostalgia with Andrew. The next day, we got some of Andrew’s family together, threw a load of food on the table and played silly games all day.  As the week continues, I’m hoping for more of all those great restorers: books, films, food, fresh air and great company.

So far, February has already held its fair share of sweetness. The snowdrops are coming up everywhere, not least all around the school where I work. I’ve been longing for snow, as we rarely get it here in the South West and having lived ‘upcountry’ and experienced it annually, I have really missed it since I moved back here. Last week, magically, flakes started to fall and along with my class of 5-7 year olds, I ran out to see excitedly. Sadly, it didn’t settle but the children were enraptured. Some of them had never seen ‘proper’ snow before. One of them said, excitedly, ‘it’s like in the movies’. The children in my Ethos Committee group have also been keeping me busy, with a Random Acts of Kindness project for which they ran around school giving out sweets and flowers and made a Lucky Dip for the younger ones. Kindness has a magic of its own, doesn’t it?

This sweet, perhaps undervalued month is only halfway through, so here is my list of things you could do in February:

  • Go and see some snowdrops. You could use this list by The National Trust of Top Spots for Snowdrops.
  • Try a winter sport, like ice skating or skiing.
  • Have a night in with friends.
  • Watch a romantic film – or you could even try a few from different decades. I love How To Steal a Million starring Audrey Hepburn, then there are my (admittedly cheesy) favourites Ten Things I Hate About You and Notting Hill.
  • Read a book. There are so many good books out there at the moment. Why not go to your local bookstore and see what they are currently recommending? I want to try Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine soon, as I have heard so many people talking about it.
  • Write a letter and walk to the postbox. Mail can be such a great surprise for someone and it gets you out in the fresh air as well.
  • Do some random acts of kindness, You could take inspiration from this clip.

What are you up to this February?

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