For the Love of Words

For me, there’s something about putting life into words. I love the process of translating the nuances of emotion and experience into language, allowing it all to cover a page or a screen. Writing helps me to live my life with a sense of engagement.

We’re all finding ways to tell our stories and make sense of them, all the time. More often than not, mine is through writing.

I feel most at home and at peace when writing. As I tap away at the keys or scribble notes on paper, I might be describing, arguing, praying, pontificating or any number of other things, but mostly I am simply enjoying and relishing the life I’m living.

Writing helps me to grab hold of the small, precious moments in a life that threatens to rocket along at an impossible pace. It helps me to interpret the mysteries of my own heart and soul, of my relationships with others and of the world around me.

I love reading for the same reason. I love how a story can captivate me and sweep me away, how a well-written article can resonate with my soul, how the written word in all its forms can challenge my thinking, open my mind and unwrap things I never understood before.

People say often ‘do more of what you love’. I’ve never been sure about that approach to life. After all, there are a great many things we don’t love that we have to do. Now, though, I think I get it. Yes, we should all do more of what we love, because I think it’s very often what we were made to do.

We only get one life on this earth, and it seems that by design we have all been given our own unique loves and passions. Dance, cooking, art, writing, teaching, counselling, skateboarding, surfing – whatever it is for you, do more of it. Live that thing, not because people say you’re good at it or because you’ve got something to prove or money to earn, but because you love it, and because you were made to love it.


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