Fair Trade Favourites

I LOVE the Fair Trade movement. It is more and more evident to me that we need to start demanding justice in the countries producing the stuff that we in the West are clamouring for. Low prices just can’t be prioritised over people’s health, freedom and opportunity – they just can’t. We have a Fair Trade shop in our town and I bet there are places near you that sell Fair Trade too, plus there are now so many online retailers that it really is very easy to get at least some of your clothes, groceries, furnishings and gifts ethically.

Rant over, I want to share some of the Fair Trade products I’m loving lately…

Peswatini Swazi Kitchen Curry Sauce

We used ours with chicken, butternut squash and a little Fair Trade coconut milk and it was the perfect meal to warm us up in the cold Autumnal weather. It was also quick and easy for the end of a busy, tiring day. Available from Traidcraft and some Fair Trade shops.


Nomad Linen Trousers

These are not too thin, so perfect for Autumn, and they have survived the wear and tear of working with Reception children very well! Browse the Nomad website here.


The perfect winter jumper

I bought this from Braintree for work but it’s just too good for that. Instead, I love changing into it when I get home. It’s just so warm and wearable! Since I got it I’ve worn it for Friday night dinner with neighbours, family days and just chilling out at home. Braintree have a great selection of knitwear.

The softest T-shirts

Another Braintree Sale Bargain! I got the pink and cream colours and they are just perfect.


Clipper Green Tea with Lime and Ginger

I’m a big fan of Green Tea anyway, and I love this twist on it. Available from all good supermarkets and they have a good website too.


Cashew and Pineapple Bars

I can’t get enough of these! Because they are made almost entirely of nuts and fruit, the flavour is amazing and they are nutritious and natural.


And then there’s the wishlist…

Here are a few of the things on my wishlist…

nov wishlist 1

Dress and Tops from People Tree, shoes from Toms.

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