Small Things

The small things are so important aren’t they? The little kindnesses, the small acts of perseverance, the shimmers of beauty and hope. They make life what it’s meant to be – a thing to savour and drink in, a gift to receive with appreciation.

Lately, my small things have been appropriately summery…

*Listening to some new discoveries (that are actually not new to anyone else!):  Josh Garrels, a great singer-songwriter, and Joan Baez, who did a lot of covers in the 60’s and 70’s.

*Walking in the woods, seeing the bluebells and wild garlic and listening to the stream.

*Walking in the fields, lying in the fields, looking out at the fields…

*Lying in the garden in the sunshine.

*Driving in the country lanes and glimpsing the sea.

*Getting in the water: the river, the sea, the pool, the jacuzzi…

*Eating in pub gardens in the sun with family and friends.

*Watching the swallows.

*Time at home with Andrew and Jamie.

*Coffee and Amaretti biscuits.

*Seeing the children cheering each other on on Sports Day.

*Lighting candles in the evenings.






IMG_0821 (2)

What are your Small Things at the moment?

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