Small Things


This week has flown by. Here are some of the Small Things that I’m feeling thankful for this week:

*Getting delivery of my new shoes. I have needed a new pair for a while and was waiting to save the money to buy some from Toms. If you haven’t heard of them, they are a great company who set up a factory in Haiti to create jobs there. For every pair of shoes you buy, they will give a pair to a child out there; for every pair of sunglasses you buy, they’ll give someone eye treatment, and for every bag you buy, they’ll give maternity care to someone who needs it. It’s a great way of supporting communities out there in a sustainable way. They have a great range of shoes for women, men and kids, from flats to heels and wedges, to ‘ugg’ style boots.

*Earl Grey tea. I’m finding it really soothing on those mornings when getting up feels extra hard 🙂

*Being able to drive around Exmouth when I went down there for a training day. There’s a road there named after my Great-Grandfather, and I remember going as a child, collecting shells on the beach. It was really hot on Tuesday, so I popped down and sat on the beach for a bit and dipped my feet in the water.

*The children at school (where I work). Their spontaneity is hilarious! Several of them have real gutsy chuckles when they find something funny, which really makes me laugh.

*Getting out in the fields in the early evening sun.

*Watching nature around our house, particularly four of my favourites: Hares, Barn Owls, Goldfinches and the Swallows that have just returned. Seeing the Hares and Owls is just magical, and spotting the first Swallows after winter makes me feel like all is well with the world: the seasons continue, these tiny birds have made it again after their long journey across desert and ocean, summer is on its way and new chicks will be born again in the nests in the barn.

*Eating the first of our home grown lettuces and radishes.

*Catching up with friends and family.

*Getting to the coast: recently two small bays, Barricane and Hele.

*Eating hot dogs 🙂











What are your Small Things this week?

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