A little update…

My posts have been sporadic recently, to say the least. I am still getting used to my new life and haven’t yet found a regular writing slot, but I haven’t forgotten my little blog, and I thought it was time for a catch up.

So – Life lately, in verbs:

I’ve been…

Working on: taking my Hand and Heart project in a new direction: Read this post to find out more.

Watching: this great clip, which I found to use for my tutoring session this afternoon.

Drinking: Fair Trade hot chocolate – ’tis the season!

Eating: Some healthy but hearty Autumn lunches, which I’ll be sharing soon on this blog.

Enjoying: The squares of sunshine on the floor of my living room now that the rain has stopped.

Reading: My brother’s new blog, Breakfast Reading.

Looking forward to: an adoption information morning coming up soon, which happens to be near to this butterfly and otter sanctuary.

Trying: To have some quiet evenings to get my head and heart feeling healthier.

Learning: These 3 Psalms by heart, which give me hope that there is something stronger than fear and evil in this world.

Crying at: The news this week.

Listening to: SO much Radio 1! I definitely need a break from it, but I am loving songs by Ella Henderson and Jessie Ware which are getting a lot of play at the moment.

Catching up on: Housework.

Feeling grateful for: The piles of books around my house waiting to be read, the birds that have settled in the field by our house, the winter copy of Landscape magazine, meals with friends, socks from my mum and my little sausage dog (a homely list if ever there was one).

I hope you are all having a beautiful week 🙂





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