Hope in Syria :-)


You only have to do a Google Images search on Syria to get a glimpse of the horrors of the conflict there. The screen fills with pictures of violence, sorrow, fear and hate. It is easy for us to turn away from these images, not wanting to acknowledge there is such sadness in the world. We need to force ourselves to look, and pray, and give, and remember.

The thing about looking, though, is that yes, we may well see what we expect to find (despair, chaos…), but when we really look, we will also come across so much more. People, like us. People with love for their families, with a desire for better lives, and even with that small, surprisingly tenacious quality, hope.

I came across this video last week, from a great charity called Open Doors.  In it, Leila, a Syrian Christian, speaks about having hope despite the bleakness of her country’s situation.

Very much worth a watch 🙂




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