Small Things


Half term is a strange week in my job: though out of routine, I am generally still working and often at least as busy as I would be in a term time week. This half term has been no exception, and has gone by very quickly! There have been lots of little things each day to perk me up – here are a few of them…

*Lying on the hammock reading in the late evening: I had to wear Andrew’s coat to keep warm, and the fabric of the hammock was wet, but it was beautiful to be outside in the cool air, with the branches above me, birdsong around me, the hammock swinging and night arriving.

*Reading this post by Louise, which I can really relate to. I love the way she manages to capture the way God leads us so tenderly to soul-refreshment.

*Vegetable lasagne, and buttery garlic bread.

*Walking with my friend Ann, my sister and Jamie around the lakes near Rickmansworth Aquadrome. And eating cake at the Cafe in the Park there!

*Glittery nail polish šŸ™‚

*Taking some of my youth group to Chessington World of Adventures. I loved their excitement, and I loved sharing it and joining them on the rides!

*Stumbling upon this art shop in London, which felt like it should have been in Diagon Alley (Harry Potter reference – sorry!) and inspired me to do more art work. Then findingĀ a sweet littleĀ cafe nearby called Salt & Pepper, where the cakes looked amazing and the space was really calming and quirky, combining chandeliers with plain brick walls and colourful flowerpots.

*Hot doughnuts, covered in sugar.

*Walking in the sunshine on Saturday morning, stopping for a pub lunch and walking back. It made all of us so happy – not least Jamie!

*Listening to Melaena Cadiz’s new album, Deep Below Heaven. I’m really intrigued by herĀ collaboration with her photographer husband and really want to see more of the pictures that go with the music!

*Looking at house pictures such as these and dreaming of what to do with our new house.

*Discovering PrintableWisdom where you can get some beautiful downloadable images to print and put up in your house. I used some for our Prayer Space at church and am hoping to have a few for a big inspiration wall in my new study area in the new house. I love these: Proverbs 3: 24, Dream Big Dreams, Revelation 21: 4 Starry Sky, Ecclesiastes 3: 11 WatercolourĀ and Pray without Ceasing… but there are loads of others!

*A warm bubble bath šŸ™‚

What’s been making you happy this week?









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  1. Louise says:

    thanks for the mention! I love what you said about the birdsong! I’ve fashioned a little ‘reading corner’ in my lounge and I sat there the other day and just listened to the birds in our garden – it reminds me that summer is fast approaching! šŸ™‚

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