Writer’s Block


At the moment, I seem to be experiencing Writer’s Block.

These are my thoughts:

I could write another Small Things post, but to be honest, I’m a little bored of them. Do people really care what type of tea I’m into at the moment?

I could create another Inspiration Board – but I feel like I would be clutching at straws. You’re meant to be inspired by something then share it, not share it and then try to make yourself inspired by it.

I could share something I wrote for church about Mother’s Day – but the fact is I’m sharing that on Sunday and it feels a little pointless doing it twice.

Sometimes I write about the Bible passages I’ve been reading. I have been reading a book of the Bible that is jammed full of metaphor and prophesy and hope and despair, of stuff to do with identity, with life choices, with priorities. But I can’t quite work out a way to write about it authentically, without cliche.

Sometimes I write about other blog posts I’ve read, or books, or places I’ve visited or things I’ve heard – but this week the things I’ve read and seen and heard are all pretty much the same as the things I read and saw and heard last week.

I could leave it and just post again when I feel more inspired… but somehow it really matters to me to get something down today. Maybe it’s to do with truthfulness – posting in the times when everything’s a bit ‘meh’, as well as in the times that are more fun and thought-provoking. But as I write, I’m realising that the main reason I’m feeling such a need to post is that in the posting I might remind myself to appreciate all the goodness in my life.

There are a lot of things I could be – and am – grateful for. This week I have spent time with family, made plans for the future, enjoyed my work and eaten and rested well. These are surely key features of a life well lived.

But, more integral than all these things to my appreciation of being alive, is the Presence of my God with me. I believe I walk my life’s path with Him, who is at once my Father, Friend, Shepherd and Master. So even in the ordinary ‘meh’ days, I am not alone, and there is truth and beauty and grace to be found.


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