Giving it All


I’ve been thinking this week about using what we have to make a difference.

There’s a story Jesus told about a Boss who gave his workers different amounts of money to do what they could with. They didn’t all have the same amount – some had a lot, others a little – but all managed to make something with what they’d got, except for one, who buried the money for fear of losing it. It seems that holding onto the good things we have actually means that they are all we have… giving from them, on the other hand, has the potential to make more blessings. This is such a joyful, hopeful realisation!

If you have a home, share it; if you can cook, make meals for everyone you know; if you’ve been encouraged, encourage other people! Perhaps you have a gift, something that you are good at, that you can use to inspire or help other people. Maybe you have material wealth or possessions that you can use to help others. Or perhaps you have received generosity or kindness that you can now show to others. Whatever you have, big or small, it has the potential to make an impact on the world.

There’s a sad side to this, of course. Jesus also told a story about people who saw others who were thirsty, hungry or unclothed and did not help them, missing their opportunity to give out and experience the spiritual fruits of generous living. He told another story about a rich man who ignored the poor person he saw everyday outside his house. After dying, he realised he’d had his riches, but done nothing of significance with them, making no eternal treasures to last him beyond his earthly life. What a waste!

I’m praying that I won’t waste all that I’ve been given in life, that I’ll use every lesson, every gift, every situation to its full potential to spread goodness.

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