As you’ve probably read, I’ve been collecting views on *home* lately (look out for the final post later this week!) It’s been so thought-provoking hearing what people think.

Today, I discovered a beautiful blog called Searching for Tomorrow, and on it, a lovely post about a holiday in France. It caught my attention for obvious reasons – the stunning photography and dreamy, very visual writing style – but also because it was interesting that her idyllic family holiday got her thinking about home. She writes about her past family home and the new home she is creating with her partner. Take a look at http://searchingfortomorrow.com/posts/a-summer-quo-s-end-in-france.

I so identified with her joy in the escapism of the place, the time spent with family and her connection with nature. Our time at Centre Parks and then in Yorkshire earlier this year was similarly therapeutic…









P.S. A word on the photos on this site: they are pretty much all taken on my phone and relatively un-posed. I don’t claim to be a photographer – but I do hope they have a certain honesty and charm of their own 🙂 Hope that doesn’t sound too pretentious!


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