Stepping Up 1 – Pilgrims

So I just started working through a book called ‘Stepping Up’ by Beth Moore. It’s basically a workbook looking at ‘The Psalms of Ascent’ from the Bible (‘Psalms is a collection of songs and prayers). The workbook has downloadable videos to go alongside it. Beth is great at helping people to engage with the Bible and her studies are aimed particularly at women.

I thought it might be interesting to do short blog updates on how it’s going as I work through.

A few headlines from the video and book session I looked at today:

  • The Psalms of Ascent are to do with Pilgrimage and in particular 15 steps in the old Jewish Temple – and for us, wherever we are in life, moving closer to God.
  • Beth introduced the series ‘Stepping Up’ by saying that God brings studies like this into each of out lives at the right time and she asked, by any chance, who in fact happened to be ‘down’? Having had a low day, it was the perfect moment for me to hear that God might be leading me to look up out of my melancholy and to take a step out of it too.
  • Life is hard but as we take steps towards God we are strengthened and blessed.
  • Beth talked about a family tradition she and her two daughters love to uphold – before bed, they run a bath of warm water, make hot drinks, roll up their pyjamas and sit together around the edge of the bath, soaking their feet, and talking. Beth compared this time to that which we will spend looking at the Psalms together – a time to rest after a hard day and to be rejuvenated along our pilgrimage.

‘Blessed are those whose strength is in You, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage… They go from strength to strength, until each appears before God in Zion.’ Psalm 84: 5, 7

There’s so much I could write about all she talked and wrote about… Perhaps I will finish this post on the following:

Beth asks in the workbook ‘What most excites you about your next adventure with Him?’

I expect everyone has a different answer and would love to hear some of them. Mine was this: ‘That I know He leads us to be ‘our utmost for his glory’  fulfilling my potential in honour of Him and for his glory.’ It really does excite me that I am free to be who I was made to be and have the confidence to keep moving on this through Him. Recently I have been attempting things which I know I never would have done without seeds of faith in Him. I feel that like Peter I’ve stepped out of the boat, I’m on the water and now the only thing for it is to keep walking with my eyes fixed on Jesus! So it is the perfect timing to be looking and stepping up to God.

Find Beth’s Bible studies at

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