Let Loose in the World!

Was just reading the story of when the prophet Isaiah was in the temple and God just filled it up with holiness. The room could barely contain his glory and shook as if in an earthquake, and at first Isaiah could not withstand the awesome purity either. It was like heaven had just spilt out into earth. Isaiah cried out that he was unclean, but God sent a seraphim to reach out to him, placing a hot coal on his lips to make him holy and transformed. Then God said, ‘Whom shall I send?’ What I love is that the word used for ‘send’ can apparently also be translated ‘let loose’. I love the idea that God lets heaven loose over us, then lets us loose in the world to reach out to others! A lot like the chaos of a spreading mustard plant – as Jesus pointed out in the New Testament. What is breathtaking is the way that Isaiah is ‘let loose’ to prophesy about the ‘holy seed’ and the sign of Immanuel, Jesus. And it is on the arrival of Jesus a few hundred years later that heavenly chaos is again let loose with new power and lasting impact.IMG_3577

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