Laughs and stuff…


Thought I’d share a lighter post this week. I’ve been super busy in the last few weeks, regularly working late  with very little time off, so it’s been especially important to me to be able to have a laugh and find funny, silly snippets of TV to help me relax. Here are some of my favourite finds…

Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience – the Zoo episode – the best bit by far was the penguin parade that simply refused to follow Rhod, leaving him to make his own waddling way around the enclosure to the amusement of the crowd. Watch at’s%20Work%20Experience

Impractical Jokers – Genius! Basic premise is that a group of friends get together and set each other up to do embarrassing challenges with the loser getting an especially bad forfeit at the end. Watch at

The Real Man’s Road Trip – Sean Lock and Jon Richardson go to the US to be cowboys. Amusement comes mainly from the sheer contrast of personalities between the real cowboys and the comedians. Not only do the cowboys think the two Brits are complete ‘cissies’, they also refuse to believe that they could actually earn a living as comedians. Watch at

The Big Bang Theory – On the 5th season, and I still can’t get enough of this. It’s on E4 all the time but the most recent season is running on Thursday evenings at 8pm. Watch at



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