A normal, rainy day

IMG_1124So today was a normal, rainy day. But it is one of those handful of days in my life when I have stopped and thought, I will look back on this day as a significant one. It’s been a busy workday which started early and finished fairly late, a day made up of different segments punctuated by moments in the car or doing some task or other listening to my well loved and listened to MP3 player. (As an aside, the MP3 player is one of the treasures of my life, one of my ’10 000 reasons’ if you have seen my previous post. It was a gift from my family on my 21st birthday, given on a beautiful family holiday, fully equipped with hundreds of songs uploaded by my brother.)

Today, everything I have done has been accompanied by a sense of confidence, peace and freedom, and a clear sense of identity. Things I have done have gone well. My work has been focused. A decision I made has been affirmed, and I have had one of those rare times of transparency and openness with another person. One of those times when you realise that ‘each heart knows its own sadness and its own joy’ – but that it is good to allow others an occasional window to these thoughts and dreams we hold within us.

Today was one of those days (unusual to me) when I have managed to find beauty in the rain, feel hope for the future, and focus in the present. I have seen sadness – but with it determination; vulnerability, but with it selfless love for others. Not every day is like this – but when we are priviledged with such times, let’s celebrate them and soak them up.

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