It’s June, and as you’ll have read in my previous post, that means I’m sticking to my tradition of celebrating ’30 Days Wild’, along with many others. Since having children, one of my favourite places to go is RHS Rosemoor. In every season, this place is beautiful and fragrant, full of flowers, herbs and trees….

My Year in Books

Books are my thing. They keep me company all year round, helping to ground me and lead me, shape me and encourage me. I’m pretty sure that it’s not just me, this book thing, so I do take the liberty of sharing my favourites with you here every now and then. This year, with the…

5 Books to Enter the New Year With

Books are my thing, and it has become my habit in recent years to put at least a few on my Christmas list, so as to enter the new year well stocked. There is a magic about books, in that they always seem to find their way into my hands at just the right time….