I love colours in nature: the auburn and russet of Autumn, the  yellows, whites and blues of Spring, the green of early summer. And then there is the crowning of summer evenings: the gold of wheat and hay and the late setting of the sun.

This gold is not one that you can hold or wear or keep or sell. It rests on you, skin to soul, like a benediction. It breathes peace, wellness and strength.

This gold is fragrant honeysuckle; the hum of bees; the touch of light on leaves; the sheer emblazoning of the sky; the beauty of a vast, swaying field lit up.

It is warmth on the top of my head; a lightening of the moods of my heart; a mellowing of the tensions of the day. It is both quietness and song.

It is an assurance that whatever the changing shades of the night or the winter, all will be well.

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