Catching Up

I wrote a few months ago about not wanting this blog to become a desert, and here I am again, writing at least a month since the last post. It seems that a catch-up is in order.

On Wednesday evening, Andrew and I walked by the river and I can only describe the scenery as pure May. The light stayed with us, the breeze waved the buttercups across the green field, the river sparkled and seeds and pollens hung serenely in the air. We’d ordered wood-fired pizzas from Pig and Olive: a chance to celebrate and reflect after taking our first step towards adoption. The social worker had come to our house for the first time that afternoon. I’d spent days cleaning and fussing and stressing, and then the day came and it was easy and natural and all that frenetic preparation fell off our shoulders. We ate pizza and carried on with our week.

Life’s like that isn’t it? The momentous is often hidden in the small moments – and isn’t that just magical?

I’m trying to train myself to that slower, less frenetic, less worried way of living. One that trusts in the journey of life enough to know that the good moments and the bad moments are working together to create a great story, and the best that we can do is to just enjoy each one for what it is at the time, making the best of what’s right on front of us now, not straining to get ahead, or dwelling on what has gone before.

I’m praying for ‘Shalom’, that ancient peace and wholeness and fullness. I’m praying that my heart and my home and my classroom would be places of love, goodness, grace, where people can rest and feel safe and joyful. Such a well-meaning prayer – but how easy it is to become consumed instead by stress and ambition and anxiety! I’m trying to re-focus myself to a life that flows out of prayer rather than prayer that flows out of the stress of life.

Thankfulness is my tried and tested way of reconnecting with God, with what’s important and with myself – so here’s my list of Small Things I’m thankful for this month:

*Flowers! I never get tired of filling our garden with daisies.

*Mallow & Marsh chocolate coated marshmallows.

*Longer days.

*Andrew’s patience.

*Reading the stories my class have written.

*Miranda Hart’s book, Miranda’s Daily Dose of Such Fun!

*Reading The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht.

*Sitting outside.

*Did I ever write about my trips to see the bluebells at Hartland Abbey or the river at Watersmeet?

What are your Small Things this month? What are the moments you’re celebrating?


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  1. Lucy Mills says:

    I’m enjoying birdsong and the wind in the trees amid intensive writing and editing…my blog is more of a desert than yours! 🙂

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