I’ve gone a little bit quiet…

You may have noticed that there haven’t been a great deal of new posts coming up on here recently. Lately, writing’s just not coming as easily as usual, so I’m trying to use my spare time to rest and to nurture my creativity rather than force it.

Life of course is carrying on, a sweet summer mixture of working, seeing friends and family, reading and getting outdoors, whether that’s walking by the river, digging holes for new plants in the garden or feeling the sand under my feet at the beach.

There are a few creative projects on the go. I had to cut back our lavender so have been frantically googling things to do with it, and I’ve a talk to do in September and a couple of DIY projects to finish in the house and garden.

I’ve been working on my fitness by walking, swimming and even trying out yoga using this great tutorial. I’ve also been practicing the discipline of daily Bible reading and prayer – something which I always do, but which I can make longer and deeper in the holidays.

I’ve been learning a lot about my identity. Sometimes your situation or a bad experience can begin to define you, but I’m rediscovering an understanding of my true identity as a child of God, an eternal soul, a unique person loved by a creative, compassionate God. I’m learning that a doctor can look at me and tell me I’m unlucky but that that is so far from who I am: I am blessed, deeply. I’m seeing myself not as someone empty and barren but as one who carries within me the life of God’s Spirit. And just today I realised with new clarity that I have no need to be ashamed because my God ‘bestows glory on me and lifts up my head’ (Psalm 3: 3).

There are fears and sadnesses sometimes – usually when I least expect them – and there is tiredness too. But drawing close to God in this time, with the help of some lovely friends, is giving me a new freedom, joy and hope that gets me through.

In the meantime, if anyone fancies writing a guest post for me, get in touch! You can email me your ideas at amypainting123@hotmail.co.uk.

Praying ‘shalom’ peace for all you lovely readers! (That’s the Jewish word for the best kind of peace – a wholeness, health and tranquility over your mind, body, soul and household.)

Oh, and here are a whole lot of my latest ‘happy photos’ because I got carried away uploading them 🙂












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