Small Things


It’s the small, simple things that add up to a life you can celebrate.

Small, simple things like taking time over breakfast, watching the rain on the window, getting caught in a good book when you ought to be doing chores… Watching a great film with family, ‘popping in’ to a friend’s house and then staying all day, the smell of freshly picked tomatoes…

There is always something to celebrate. The anticipation of a day out, time to bake, a house quiet but for the tapping of keys and the snores of a snuggled-up dog. A flock of birds in a tree illuminated by the setting sun.

In holiday season, even just the act of shameless procrastination feels like something to relish. Then there’s the simple joy of being able to get your shopping from more than one shop, of taking a walk with no watch or phone to tell the time with, of wearing jeans every day.

There are the visits from friends, half an hour in the pub turning into an hour, blowing bubbles with kids, slow starts. The conversations that start out light and ordinary, and end up drawing up sweet, tiny tears because they’ve gone deep and true. The text from someone you’re going to see later anyway…

The small things are countless, but worth counting.








What are your Small Things this week?

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  1. Great photos! Love what I’ve seen of your blog, looking forward to following.

    1. Amy T says:

      Thanks so much, glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

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