Small Things

It’s so important to notice the small things – because small graces are everywhere, whatever you are going through, and they are part of the richness and fullness of a life well lived.

It is, of course, easier said than done to habitually notice life’s gifts, especially when you feel like life’s not going your way. Sometimes we have to force our way to see small glimpses of goodness in really dark, dismal situations. Sometimes it’s easier not to bother because we can’t quite believe they’ll be enough. And in many ways, they’re not. A red flower alight in the sunshine is not going to diminish grief or stress or pain completely, but it will perhaps be enough to brighten that moment. Enough, perhaps, to push back that darkness, just a little. It may help you to feel a little less hard done by, a little more blessed. And the more tiny fragments of goodness you start to observe, the more light will come creeping into your darkness.

What are your Small Things this week?

Mine are varied and lovely…

~A conversation with a friend, which helped me express how I was feeling about something hard and sad.

~Wandering around my brother-in-law’s farm with my niece, husband and dog.

~Finding my financial needs cared for.

~Being in the garden in the sun.

~Wearing Chanel perfume and catching its scent every time I rested my face on my hand while reading.

~Getting to know people from work better.

~Seeing my Auntie’s puppy.

~Hanging washing on the line in the sun.

~Sea air, yellow gorse, sea birds, walking.

~Adding bacon to everything! Pasta, salads, chicken, lasagne…

~Eggs for breakfast.

~Weeping willows in sunshine.

~Reading a beautiful book called Savor, by Shauna Niequist.

~Catching up on some favourite TV programmes with Andrew.

~Revisiting a favourite Bible story.

~A new cushion on our sofa.

~The taste of olive bread, coffee and ice cream all reminding me of Italy and our beautiful holiday in Rome.

~The sun on the fields.

~Walking by the river.










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