Life Lately


For those who are interested, here’s a little round up of the goings on here in sunny Devon over the last few weeks…

I’ve been:

Browsing lots of blogs I haven’t visited in a while. I love all the recent posts at Tomboy Style and Joy Felicity Jane. Even though I’m not a mum, I also really like reading A Cup of Jo, and enjoyed her post showing her and a couple of friends trying out some maternity wear at the park.

Thinking about a new venture – something I’ve wanted to try for a while.

Loving eating outside at last! Sunshine!

Deciding to be more proactive about some of the things I would like to do/achieve/learn in life.

Catching up with some lovely friends, including Karina who blogs at The Foodies Way and Kate, whose guest post will feature soon on this site!

Feeling sad that our camera’s packed in, and guilty as it probably had something to do with the ridiculous amount of sand in my bag after a windy visit to the beach.

Drinking Fair Trade Earl Grey Tea.

Reading Shauna Niequist’s beautiful devotional, Savor.

Listening to old CD’s and feeling nostalgic. Nobody makes ‘mix tape’ CD’s any more… 😦

Watching Suits, which is no White Collar, but still pretty fun to watch.

Getting stuck into nesting projects like cleaning up the garden, painting the fence and decorating the bathroom. They should be boring but are actually surprisingly rewarding!

 Snapping the little moments on my phone, since the sad demise of my camera!

What’ve you been up to?











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