Small Things

After a week of festivities, there is no better time to share a Small Things post. Here are some of the things I’m thankful for this week…

*Walks in the crisp air and bright blue sky, when the frost stayed on the ground all morning and crunched under our feet.

*Spotting wildlife, like deer leaping off into the distance.

*Hot chocolate in a new Christmas mug – made with Clipper Fair Trade ‘Seriously Velvety Instant Hot Chocolate’, a dash of vanilla syrup and a dash of single cream.

*Coffee made in Andrew’s new percolator.

*Enjoying some of our Christmas presents – new mugs, warm slippers from, the first season of White Collar on DVD, new skirt and tights…

*Having friends over for dinner.

*Time with family.

*Sitting by the fire.

*Lots of time to read: I just finished another great book, Bread and Wine, by Shauna Niequist, which I’ll review soon!

*Homemade soup.

What are your Small Things this week?





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