Finding Faith in Christmas: Small Things

In my previous post about Finding Faith in Christmas, I wrote about seeing and sharing God’s goodness. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe in the goodness of God, but being deliberately thankful can really open our eyes to it as we notice small blessings we might have missed if we weren’t looking. That’s what my Small Things posts are all about. So here is a Christmas edition of the Small Things I’m thankful for…

*Putting lights around the house, lighting the fire and enjoying the sparkle.

*Being with friends and family.

*Crisp winter walks.

*Slowing down.

*Watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone with the fairy lights on, the fire lit, and a cosy blanket.

*Food, food and more food: recent favourites include roasted honey and mustard parsnips, pancakes for breakfast, sausage and tomato pasta, and a LOT of hot chocolate.

*Winter drinks! This post by my brother offers some great inspiration for hot alcoholic drink ideas 🙂

*Bringing greenery into the house.

*Wearing sparkly eye liner.

*Reading this article about Hygge.


What are your Christmas Small Things?

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