Small Things

I never get tired of writing my Small Things posts – isn’t gratitude the best way of life ever? Ann Voskamp never fails to remind me of this and I love her recent post on spending Thanksgiving with her family.

Even when things are hard, there are always Small Things to be glad about and I love that making a habit of noticing them brings such a deep sense of being alive, and a brimming up of genuine joy and contentment. It’s not about ignoring the bad stuff but allowing yourself to receive the good stuff even in a difficult time.

This week there is loads going on for me and lots to be thankful for. Here’s my list of Small Things – why not try making your own?

*Rainbows – this time of year is full of them!

*Gerberas from Andrew – such a cheerful flower 🙂

*Lunch with my mum.

*Eating triple the amount of pesto pasta that I should have done for lunch today.

*Finishing a book – The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith – and getting lots of ideas from it for our house.

*Stocking up on travel bottles of shampoo etc with my friend Toni for our trip to Bulgaria.

*Walking by the river with Jamie and seeing him super happy to be out and about.

*Making a ‘gallery wall’ with Andrew for our lounge.

*This post at Cider with Rosie: 10 Things that Have Made me Happy This Week.

*Freebies at Ann Voskamp’s website.


Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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