Small Things


It’s time for another list of the ‘Small Things’ I’ve been feeling thankful for. Having written a few slow, rambling posts lately, I thought it would be good to make this mid-week one short and snappy – so, without further ado, here are the past few weeks’ lovely Small Things:

*New pens, and writing letters.

*Making peppermint tea from my own mint plants.


*Giving the bathroom a fresh look.


*Pot plants: all of a sudden I’m obsessed with them!

*Discovering a new blog: the happy interior blog. I love Igor’s style and the fresh, colourful photography.

*Combining dark chocolate with nuts, seeds and cranberries.


*Watching episodes of Sherlock Holmes from the late 80’s.

*Celebrating my brother’s birthday with an Indian meal with the family.

*Dog walks in the fresh Autumn air.


What are your Small Things this week?


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