Small Things


This week has been a busy one full of appointments, meet-ups and plan-making, but I’m finding that when I am at home I’m embracing rest time. I think it’s something about the rain on the windows and the crisp air outside – it makes me want to slow down and look after myself, to walk outside, and to curl up inside with something to read and a steaming hot chocolate. So here is this week’s list of Small Things, with plenty of links in case you, too, fancy a weekend of reading and food and taking your time 🙂

*Andrew’s cooking: fresh spinach pasta and chocolate and pistachio cake… The Gino book’s been out again!

*My brother’s writing: my favourite post this week took me back to a childhood of museums and books 🙂

*Playing Pit – the most Devonshire game ever.

*Walking in the woods

*Reading one prima-ballerina’s lessons learned from her art over at

*Watching Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes Weekend Special: I’m desperate to try the chicken satay skewers!

*A nice winter post at Cider with Rosie.

What’s been making you happy this week?




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